Mayk test

Tinetest ko lang muna… Via windows phone app.

Ang tagal rin bago makapagpost ulit…

Maraming factors kasi eh:

  • Busy ako sa studies
  • Napadpad sa tumblr ako
  • lagi pa akong nagffacebook. puro nalang doon 98% of the time
  • Graduating year na ako
  • may 3 na software projects akong minementain
  • may 2 akong ongoing development na software project
  • may 1 akong lovelife (hindi pa nga siya ganun kasolid eh…)
  • ayoko magpost ng something nonsense sa isang blog
  • hindi gumana ng matagal ang Windows Live Writer na ginagamit ko para magpost sa blog ko., katamad pag sa web pa eh… hehe

Buti hindi ako nagpakahirap sa mga MATHs

Kasi may software naman na halos nasosolve na lahat ng mga math equations. AT Naiggraph pa nya yun! May matrices pa!!



Microsoft Mathematics provides a set of mathematical tools that help students get school work done quickly and easily. With Microsoft Mathematics, students can learn to solve equations step-by-step, while gaining a better understanding of fundamental concepts in pre-algebra, algebra, trigonometry, physics, chemistry, and calculus.

Microsoft Mathematics includes a full-featured graphing calculator that’s designed to work just like a handheld calculator. Additional math tools help you evaluate triangles, convert from one system of units to another, and solve systems of equations.

As in equation solver talaga!


Eto pa Favorite ko, Triangle Solver


Magsupply lang ako ng konting variables, Solb na!! With matching rule pa!!



Biyaya talaga to sa mga “Gusto ang math pero ayaw sa kanila ang math” or even mga Math haters din panduga sa Assignment lol!!

Here’s the download link:

Syempre LIBRE siya!!

Windows 7 Service Pack 1

The first service pack for Windows 7 is now available and can be downloaded via Windows Update


A Service Pack is a collection of hotfixes and updates provided by Microsoft for their products. Of course it will improve your PC’s performance somehow

IE9 Release Candidate…cool


Ganda nya oh. Hindi na siya naglalag gaano.


Pwede rin maibaa ung mga tabs…

Halos kasing bilis na nya yung Google Chrome

Download it here:

Windows Vista:

IE9 RC (32-bit)

IE9 RC (64-bit)

Windows 7:

IE9 RC (32-bit)

IE9 RC (64-bit)

Wala nang pang Windows XP, Quad-Core PC mo taz XP gamit mo? haha!

Please remember that this version is still a release candidate so expect some remaining bugs.


Silang dalawa nagrerecruit sayo. Sino pipiliin mo??


Frankly tumba ako kakatawa sa commercial ng sa Philippine Navy. Haha!!!

On the naturality of a human being to have a religion

[Early this evening several thoughts came in to my mind and it all overwhelmed me, I decided to write an essay about it and here it is]
Human beings nowadays take religion for granted. This statement is practically evident on the majority of the members of the Roman Catholic Church. It is observable that most of them do not care for their beliefs and rather stick and trust themselves to tangible things first. They forget always who is the one who brought them these graces. Only at the precifice where they need help noone can provide do they become faithful. They don’t care for their religion. I ask myself why. Maybe the world is too comfortable to live in. People who are in good state of life seems to be usually forget it. Or maybe not, since even I barely understood it.
In the early days of civilization, it is observed in most pagan religions that the believers of these sects use their religion to satisfy their anxieties and needs that cannot be practically fulfilled. Nowadays this can be compared to most protestants particularly baptists, born-agains and a most of catholics. They often praise, offer something, and ask for something to be granted.
In a precise sense, protestants rely only on the Bible. Only on the Bible, and is observable that they don’t care anything that is not mentioned in the Holy Scriptures. It is impossible that Jesus’ good deeds could all fit on the four gospels and remained as a legacy for the epistles and letters. The other things from Jesus that are not in the scriptures are in the tradition. There are too many to mention besides the icon of Mary and Child Jesus painted by Saint Luke, the tradition of the Mass, etc.etc.
As I continue to observe them, it is noticable that they practically thank, praise, ask for and repent to our Lord. They sing and praise in a modern way something that takes off the holyness of their deeds. It looks like they compose songs to God as if they compose songs to the thing we call ‘love.’ These are the most practical things in all religions especially to pagans that date back to the time of the ancient greeks. The Lord our God is always great. It is just rightful to do all these things for Him. But still, for me, this is never enough. They only remember our Lord as well as they encouraged us to be like Him too. Something is really missing here. Just like the old paganism, they only praise, offer and ask for something and it will be like it. Repentance is later added but still it is not enough. These things help people cope up with their stress. It is natural for us to have a belief since the dawn of our species.
This pattern can only be broken by the four pillars of a true religion: One, Holy, Universal and Apostolic. Roman Catholics, whether or not united to the holy see, Orthodox churches and other breakaways from it can be considered to have these qualities. United, unlike other sects and pagans, keeps it intact for ages. Holy, meaning there is sacredness that is visible to all the formal. Universal, meaning anyone whether good or bad can join. Apostolic, meaning that the leadership is passed on for ages since Jesus passed it to the apostles.
In addition, these religions do have one thing in common: the Eucharist. The Eucharist makes sense why do we Catholics attend the mass. At the consecration of their masses I know and I believe that there is something going on for real with the bread and wine. I sincerely believe that it is transformed substantially into the one and only the Most Holy Body and Blood of Christ. It defines what are we worshipping for, and that is for the remembrance of Jesus who died in passion for our sins. The Eucharist fills in the gap between God’s people and Himself.
We literally take Him substantially so that He’ll be forever in us. Sadly, just like i’ve mentioned earlier, most of us don’t or never take this seriously. They act like the pagans and other protestants believing that the Lord will do something for them if they do something for Him like praising and offering. Something that the humans already have before. Something that makes religion natural to humans in a psychological point of view.
Moreover, I consider the Eucharist as the most sacred of all you can see inside a church especially during it’s consecration. It is so sacred that during pre-vatican II times some churches have screens blinding the altar you can barely see the priest itself as well as all people including the priest faces the altar. I bow in full respect anywhere there is an exposed Blessed Sacrament I come across.
A thought came into my mind that we naturally have to worship something in order to be normal, to have an outlet of our stresses. But only the Eucharist gives sense that we Catholics have the real religion. A proof that God exists with us.


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